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A net drop of 20 regions this week , Private Estates down by 13 and Linden Owned by 7

Total number of Main Grid regions is now 23836 ( 16616 private estates & 7220 Linden owned)
37 new regions were added and 2 returned to the grid, with 59 regions removed (12 were renamed and 0 came and went since last report)

Adult rated regions were down by 1 to 5552 (23.3% of the grid) while General rated were up by 1 to 2922 (12.3%) / YTD private estate net loss stand at 167 regions (1% loss)

Breakdown of current regions by Ownership and Classification:
  • Estate - Adult: 5068
  • Estate - General: 1264
  • Estate - Moderate: 10272
  • Estate - Offline: 12
  • Linden - Adult: 484
  • Linden - General: 1658
  • Linden - Moderate: 5078

Breakdown of Host Server Classes by Ownership:
  • Estate - Class 5: 239
  • Estate - Class 7: 7601
  • Estate - Class 8: 7394
  • Estate - Class Unknown: 1382
  • Linden - Class 5: 5
  • Linden - Class 7: 1310
  • Linden - Class 8: 5609
  • Linden - Class Unknown: 296

The 39 new/returned regions are :
Ancient Passage
Ancient Sea
Arabs Life
Bear Brook Ranch
Bearback Ranch
Blackbeary Forest
Bravehearts Paradise
Brazy University
Cetatea Poenari
Cut Throats Cove
Darling Ocean
Darling Sea
Forbidden Valley
Governance Office
HVFC Equestrian Club
Isabellas cove
Laura Garden
Mountain Laurel
November Morning
Playa De LagunaNigel
Playa Del Caribe
Rosehaven Island
Spirit Bear
Steamroller 4
Stormy Road
Summit Urban
Sun District
Teaberry Trails
Tilikum Crossing
Wisteria Gaden
indicates region which have returned to the grid

The 59 regions no longer on the grid are :
Ascalon North Toxavia
Avalon Beach
Avalon Paradise
Avalon Tropics
Bosquet de Versailles
Cartagena Isle
Domaine De Trianon
Dueces cove
Echo Island
Glam 1
Glam 2
HoneyHill Farm
JCreators Island 1
Joy Land
Laikas Paradise
Lighthouse Island
Lion Valley
Paradise Retreat
Parterre dEau
Playa De LegunaNigel
Portal Park Spring Build
Portal Park Winter Build
Riverdale High School
Romania Arges County
Skunk Valley
Sparkys Heaven
Surreal Green
Teletus Island
The Blitz
The Grinch
The Heritage
Thinkerer Quests
Tiger Valley
Trianon Jardin
Versailles Orangerie
Versailles Petit Venise
Waterton East
Winter Wonderland 1
Winter Wonderland 2
Winter Wonderland 3
Winter Wonderland 4
Winter Wonderland 5
WP Build 2
WP Build 5
Zakelijk Nederland

Of these 12 are renames :
Ascalon North Toxavia	==>	Arabs Life
Dueces cove	==>	Isabellas cove
Joy Land	==>	Callera
Laikas Paradise	==>	Bravehearts Paradise
Orga	==>	Wisteria Gaden
Paradise Retreat	==>	Rw8na
Playa De LegunaNigel	==>	Playa De LagunaNigel
Sparkys Heaven	==>	Tilikum Crossing
Surreal Green	==>	Stormy Road
UNDERGROUND	==>	Rosehaven Island
XEENA	==>	Ancient Sea
Y O U	==>	Forbidden Valley
Estate groupings going off line
  • 1 (n=7): Bosquet de Versailles,Domaine De Trianon,Parterre dEau,Trianon Jardin,Versailles,Versailles Orangerie,Versailles Petit Venise
  • 2 (n=2): Glam 1,Glam 2
  • 3 (n=4): HoneyHill Farm,The Blitz,The Grinch,The Heritage
  • 4 (n=2): JCreators Island 1,tsundere

Estate groupings coming online
  • 1 (n=3): Ancient Passage,Ancient Sea,Cut Throats Cove
  • 2 (n=5): Blackbeary Forest,Laura Garden,Mountain Laurel,November Morning,Teaberry Trails
  • 3 (n=2): Playa De LagunaNigel,Playa Del Caribe

The following 12 regions were on the grid but marked as down when the last survey was run:
  • Apple Hill
  • Bear Brook Ranch
  • Bridges
  • Eldritch Island
  • Extrem Island
  • Mint and Rose
  • Neko Valley
  • Ocean Pointe
  • Otter Valley
  • Simple Life
  • Sweet Thing
  • VoguE Fashion

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