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A net loss of 34 private estate regions this week

Total number of Main Grid regions is now 23886 ( 16647 private estates & 7239 Linden owned)
44 new regions were added and 9 returned to the grid, with 87 regions removed (19 were renamed and 0 came and went since last report)

Adult Rated regions were up in number by 16 to 5545 (23.2% of the grid) while General rated were down by 3 to 2942 (12.3%)
YTD Private Estate Net loss now stands at 136 regions (down 0.8%)

Breakdown of current regions by Ownership and Classification:
  • Estate - Adult: 5061
  • Estate - General: 1273
  • Estate - Moderate: 10305
  • Estate - Offline: 8
  • Linden - Adult: 484
  • Linden - General: 1669
  • Linden - Moderate: 5085
  • Linden - Offline: 1

Breakdown of Host Server Classes by Ownership:
  • Estate - Class 5: 234
  • Estate - Class 7: 7650
  • Estate - Class 8: 7448
  • Estate - Class Unknown: 1315
  • Linden - Class 5: 5
  • Linden - Class 7: 1310
  • Linden - Class 8: 5614
  • Linden - Class Unknown: 310

The 53 new/returned regions are :
American Estate
Ancient Hideaway
Asha Destination III
Autumns Wind
Avalon Beach 
Capital Games
Clarity Creek Canyon
Discovery Shores
Forbidden Fruit 
FRiENDs Are Us
Fur Haven
Glam 1
Glam 2
Hard Rock Games
Heavens Island
Mole Island Premium Gifts
Moon Dream 
Mystical Escape
Mystical Ocean 1
Mystical Ocean 2
Mystical Ocean 3
Mystical Ocean 4
Playa De LegunaNigel
Portal Park Spring Build
Portal Park Winter Build
RaiN GameS
Realm of Entropy
Red Bottom Abyss
RFL Purple
Savage Garden 
Seductive Romance 
SH 10
Shine Emerald
Simple Life
Soggy Bottom
Space Sector 0000
Stellar Depths
Sweet Thing
The Arcade 2 
The Arcade 3
The Blitz
The Sand Seas
indicates region which have returned to the grid

The 87 regions no longer on the grid are :
A7la Banat
Acorn Island
Bachas Isle
Bearpaw Meadow
Blue Kestrel
Brook Hill
Brook Hill Beach
Brook Hill Lake
Cape of Ruin
Cartagena Isle
Cayo Hueso
Charmed Beach Isle
Christmas Lane
Cursed Rock
Daylesford Valley
Forgotten Isles
Gothic Clothing Obsession
Haven of Matisse
Holiday Island
Homesglen Peak
Iles of Paradise
Irie Vibes
Isle of View 1
Isle of View 2
Isle of View 3
Isle of View 4
Kanto Estate
Liberty Coast
Lochness Archipelago
Macouba Bay
Milholland Rocks
Mishelles Dreamers Paradise
Mole Island 35
MuDo Games
Nautilus Beach
Nuevo Arenal
Oasis Island Paradise
Ockway Bay
Our Place
PP4 Build NW
PP42 Build
Realm Of Toritha
Risk Bay
Rogues Cavern
Sadistic Intent
Sandbox OA
ShamRock Arausio
ShamRock Cayes
ShamRock Celtica
ShamRock Island
ShamRock Ocean
ShamRock Point
Songbird Creek
Still Waters
Sylver Nights BToS
Tabaluga Isle NE
Tabaluga South East
The Barn Yard
The Blues I
Torn Oak
Toxic City
Trade Winds
Trindade Island
Trojan Islands
Untamed Badlands
Walnut Island
WideWorld BoraBora
WideWorld La Digue
Wizard Forest
Wolf Estates

Of these 19 are renames :
Bearpaw Meadow	==>	Fur Haven
Blue Kestrel	==>	Hard Rock Games
Cape of Ruin	==>	The Sand Seas
Fabelhaft	==>	Ancient Hideaway
GLUTZ	==>	Discovery Shores
Holiday Island	==>	FRiENDs Are Us
Lenore	==>	Bellecoeur
Mole Island 35	==>	Mole Island Premium Gifts
MuDo Games	==>	RaiN GameS
Oasis Island Paradise	==>	Kasra
PAPAS	==>	American Estate
PP4 Build NW	==>	Portal Park Spring Build
PP42 Build	==>	Portal Park Winter Build
Realm Of Toritha	==>	Realm of Entropy
Sandbox OA	==>	Space Sector 0000
Songbird Creek	==>	Clarity Creek Canyon
The Blues I	==>	Capital Games
Torn Oak	==>	Heavens Island
Walnut Island	==>	Forbidden Fruit
Estate groupings going off line
  • 1 (n=3): Brook Hill,Brook Hill Beach,Brook Hill Lake
  • 2 (n=6): Cartagena Isle,Cursed Rock,Macouba Bay,Ocarina,Trade Winds,Trindade Island
  • 3 (n=5): Cayo Hueso,Forgotten Isles,Haven of Matisse,Rogues Cavern,Solitas
  • 4 (n=4): Isle of View 1,Isle of View 2,Isle of View 3,Isle of View 4
  • 5 (n=4): ShamRock Arausio,ShamRock Cayes,ShamRock Ocean,ShamRock Point
  • 6 (n=2): ShamRock Celtica,ShamRock Island

Estate groupings coming online
  • 1 (n=4): Glam 1,Glam 2,Kickoff,RFL Purple
  • 2 (n=5): Mystical Escape,Mystical Ocean 1,Mystical Ocean 2,Mystical Ocean 3,Mystical Ocean 4
  • 3 (n=2): The Arcade 2,The Arcade 3

The following 9 regions were on the grid but marked as down when the last survey was run:
  • Bradley University
  • GlenReach Island
  • Help Island Public
  • Kinky Paradise Island
  • Koople
  • Port Morant
  • Serenity Plains
  • Uchida Virtual Campus
  • Work

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