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A drop of 25 regions last week , all the loss among Private Estates

Total number of Main Grid regions is now 23920 ( 16683 private estates & 7237 Linden owned)
16 new regions were added and 8 returned to the grid, with 49 regions removed (11 were renamed and 0 came and went since last report)

Adult rated regions increased in number by 5 to 5488 (22.9% of the grid) while General rated were down by 3 to 2951 (12.3%)
Year to date Private Estate net losses stand at 100 regions (0.6% down) after 7 weeks

Breakdown of current regions by Ownership and Classification:
  • Estate - Adult: 5004
  • Estate - General: 1281
  • Estate - Moderate: 10397
  • Estate - Offline: 1
  • Linden - Adult: 484
  • Linden - General: 1670
  • Linden - Moderate: 5083

Breakdown of Host Server Classes by Ownership:
  • Estate - Class 5: 229
  • Estate - Class 7: 7691
  • Estate - Class 8: 7484
  • Estate - Class Unknown: 1279
  • Linden - Class 5: 5
  • Linden - Class 7: 1310
  • Linden - Class 8: 5614
  • Linden - Class Unknown: 308

The 24 new/returned regions are :
Aixinjueluo Island
Angel Beach 
Avalon Tropics
Blueberry Media
Boca West
Bonetto Bay 
Calm Ocean
Cash Out
eclipse region 2
Education PGMD 
Ile Verte 
London UK
Owl nest
Playa Perdida
Stonehenge Forest
Travellers Paradise
Worcester Shire
indicates region which have returned to the grid

The 49 regions no longer on the grid are :
Arab Land
area 51
Aspen Pines
AVALON Learning
Bear Creek Canyon
Caribou Trail
Daylight Complex
Endless Shores
Escape Estates
Escape Retreat
FawnsFriends Market 2
Gallala of Kemet
Gamma Quadrant
Herlit East
Herlit West
Jasmine Hills
Kinetic Sound
Magnum Shores
NCM Race City
No Limits
No Limits Too
NorthStar Wood
OBR Connect
OBR Dance
OBR Learn
OBR Rise
Poseidon Island
Precious Pampered Pets
Ravens Ridge
Stx Tech
Super Star
Temptation dAlliez
Trans Estates
TUV Nord
Ursa Oceanus
Vandelo Design
Ventrue Coven
WideWorld Japan
X BrEeDeRs Market

Of these 11 are renames :
Arab Land	==>	Bonetto Bay
Aspen Pines	==>	London UK
FawnsFriends Market 2	==>	Ariane
Kernow	==>	Worcester Shire
Kinetic Sound	==>	Boca West
NCM Race City	==>	Travellers Paradise
Precious Pampered Pets	==>	Stonehenge Forest
Snow	==>	FDD
Stx Tech	==>	WooLand
Super Star	==>	Playa Perdida
X BrEeDeRs Market	==>	Angel Beach
Estate groupings going off line
  • 1 (n=3): Bear Creek Canyon,Caribou Trail,NorthStar Wood
  • 2 (n=2): DMT,TUV Nord
  • 3 (n=2): Endless Shores,Moskalev
  • 4 (n=2): Escape Estates,Escape Retreat
  • 5 (n=2): No Limits,No Limits Too
  • 6 (n=4): OBR Connect,OBR Dance,OBR Learn,OBR Rise

The following 1 regions were on the grid but marked as down when the last survey was run:
  • tittingham

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