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This is just a bit of a "did you know?" kind of post..

sooo, did you know that estate regions are back to the numbers seen in mid may 2008. LL regions higher than back in those days though.

current numbers

Originally Posted by Tyche Shepherd View Post
Net loss of 7 private estates this week with no Linden Lab changes

Total number of Main Grid regions is now 23996 ( 16777 private estates & 7219 Linden owned)
34 new regions were added and 14 returned to the grid, with 55 regions removed (16 were renamed and 0 came and went since last report)
25 may 2008

Originally Posted by Tyche Shepherd View Post
804 new sims this week 54 of them Mainland Gaeta Sims, bringing the SL main Grid up to 22051 regions ( 17362 private estates)
11 May 2008

Originally Posted by Tyche Shepherd View Post
A very busy week - certainly the busiest since I've been reporting - mainly due to the Land Store coming back on line

1169 new sims brought the total number of main grid regions to over 20,000 - the total being 20477, 15861 of which are private estate regions.
and next year Tyche will have been providing these stats for 10 years. Seems like only yesterday she started on this adventure.
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