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Originally Posted by Kara Spengler View Post
They have +5 ones there? Cool! I was going by the wiki and they must have only listed the PVE vendor.
yeah, they have some extra damage to lords and guards, but the +5 part works in PvE.

Nicely WVW sells the trinket itself for less laurels (+some badges). Not that I do much WVW but I do it sometimes so have 3 thousand saved up.
That's quite a few. I only have around 6K right now and I've played a lot (granted, I've also bought many trinkets and infusions and stuff).

With the Provisioner masteries, you can also buy HoT runes and such in WvW, for Proofs of Heroics and gold. It can be worth it, especially for the things that you normally have to buy for crystalline ore, for example (and so have to do the DS meta over and over to get).

oh, and you can buy cultural armor there too. I think that's a relatively new thing, but I'm not sure. It's cheaper, anyway (and I believe any race can buy it, if you just want it for achievements).
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