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A net increase in regions this week , overall up by 11. Private estates were up by 8 while Linden Owned were up by 3

Total number of Main Grid regions is now 24087 ( 16910 private estates & 7177 Linden owned)
28 new regions were added and 16 returned to the grid, with 33 regions removed (9 were renamed and 0 came and went since last report)

9 private estate regions centered on Wild River Woods arrived this week. Adult rated regions were down in number by 8 to 5352 (22.2% of the grid) while General Rated were down by 4 to 2992 (12.4%) .
YTD private estate net losses now stand at 865 regions (4.9% loss over the year)

Breakdown of current regions by Ownership and Classification:
  • Estate - Adult: 4903
  • Estate - General: 1349
  • Estate - Moderate: 10646
  • Estate - Offline: 12
  • Linden - Adult: 449
  • Linden - General: 1643
  • Linden - Moderate: 5084
  • Linden - Offline: 1

Breakdown of Host Server Classes by Ownership:
  • Estate - Class 5: 243
  • Estate - Class 7: 7786
  • Estate - Class 8: 7562
  • Estate - Class Unknown: 1319
  • Linden - Class 5: 6
  • Linden - Class 7: 1298
  • Linden - Class 8: 5569
  • Linden - Class Unknown: 304

The 44 new/returned regions are :
Antigrafo 2
Antigrafo 3
Antigrafo 4
Bay West 
Blackbeary Woods 
Calm Paradise
Chicory Creek Canyon
ClevelandPlus II 
ClevelandPlus III 
ClevelandPlus VIII 
Deep Think East 
Deep Think West 
Deer Path Forest
Elven Glade
Firehavens Horses
HC Build 1 
HC Build 2 
Insane Island
Jimat Pulau
Llama Lyfe
Loire Valley 
Mirkwood Forest
Mountain Frost
Mountain Laurel Woods
PP42 Build
Rhapsody Bay
Serena Xanadu
Thunder Isle 
TurkeyFrom Me 
Wild River Woods
Wild Spirit 
Wildflower Trail
Wildwood Spirit
Winterfell Heart
Woodland Pines
indicates region which have returned to the grid

The 33 regions no longer on the grid are :
Bay Breezes
Chyna Town
Corillian Bay
Deelish-ous Designs
Jousecatraz Island
La Mia Bellezza
Lakewood Haven
Nadezda Island
Phoenix Optimistic
Poly Interracial Jamaica
Sailors Retreat
Serenity Shores
Seychelle Shores
SL12B Premium Beach
SL12B Premium Coast
Sunset Shores
Syn City DC
TerrorFrom Me
Time Sync
Ventrue Coven
Waldburg Harbour

Of these 9 are renames :
Amelia	==>	Llama Lyfe
Bay Breezes	==>	Loire Valley
Chyna Town	==>	Neverlandia
La Mia Bellezza	==>	Holmford
lllllMlllll	==>	Thunder Isle
Phoenix Optimistic	==>	Elven Glade
Poly Interracial Jamaica	==>	Rhapsody Bay
Smile	==>	Mirkwood Forest
TerrorFrom Me	==>	TurkeyFrom Me
Estate groupings going off line
  • 1 (n=2): La Mia Bellezza,Nadezda Island
  • 2 (n=3): Rohanda,Shikasta,Volyen
  • 3 (n=2): SL12B Premium Beach,SL12B Premium Coast

Estate groupings coming online
  • 1 (n=9): Blackbeary Woods,Chicory Creek Canyon,Deer Path Forest,Mountain Frost,Mountain Laurel Woods,Wild River Woods,Wildflower Trail,Wildwood Spirit,Woodland Pines
  • 2 (n=4): ClevelandPlus,ClevelandPlus II,ClevelandPlus III,ClevelandPlus VIII
  • 3 (n=2): Deep Think East,Deep Think West
  • 4 (n=4): Festive,Noel,Ornament,Tinsel

The following 13 regions were on the grid but marked as down when the last survey was run:
  • Apolon Island
  • Asger Ridge
  • Burning Love
  • Deer Path Forest
  • Lunu
  • Meedhoo
  • Microcosm
  • Mountain Laurel Woods
  • Nilandhoo
  • Paradise Oz
  • Peaceful Shores
  • Polinezja
  • Whisper Core

In passing I see the Lab has retired - Now redirects to - A bit of a pain for me because only accepts fully constructed SLURLS (i.e. with x/y/z coordinates) - so you can't just use the region name to see new regions at a glance (which you can do both in-world and on

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