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Originally Posted by Kara Spengler View Post
Part of the reason why I had wished they did the old Taimi is people are used to what she looks like, particularly people with disabilities that play GW2. Having a mini that most people will not recognize unless/untill they play LS3 (and even after) sort of defeats the whole point.

I want a giant holographic Taimi in my home instance.,..

Has anyone done more than the first part of chapter 2? After that destroyer fight I am not sure I *want* to (except for the MP at the end).
I've done all of it and the (unhidden) achievements. Last part can be pretty tough, but I didn't die the first time I played through it (I did die once while trying for one of the achievements) whereas I did die in Taimi's Game, both times I tried it on my condi ranger.
I didn't know the spheres cleared the fire when I did it, though.

I don't think you can fail the last episode. There's something you have to protect and it seems like it kind of reloads if you can't protect it well enough, so if there is a fail state, I don't know what it is.
Not really sure I have any useful hints, other than pick the bombs up and throw them at the largest clusters of enemies (or the main bad guy), maybe.
It gets rather hectic, but you can sort of run outside the thing you have to protect to heal up a bit and such.
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