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Originally Posted by Kara Spengler View Post
Ooo! You can get the holographic Taimi miniature for unbound magic+logs. I wish they had done one of the non-holographic and her old outfit though.
The mini is also too bright, so overlapping surfaces get too white and you can't see the details. If they'd done it like the holos of her in the story, it'd look better.

I don't really use minis, although I have quite a few now, but especially minis of people just feel off to me. There's something unsettling about having a person as a pet, I think.
Other creatures and pets and golems and such are fine.

I've bough the silly backpack, an accessory and a couple of minis from Ember Bay, so my stock of unbound magic is all emptied out now.
Not sure why the accessory is so expensive compared to the amulet and ring from Bloodstone Fen. You can't even reset the stats on it, like you can with the ones from BF.
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