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Originally Posted by Kara Spengler View Post
I only see 100% completion as something for legendaries and I am not planning on making one any time soon. Is there another reason to do it that is not just a bragging rights thing?
Well, for me it's just that my characters don't feel finished without world completion (though, I'm not quite loony enough to include the HoT maps; that's too much work. Just SW, DT, BF and Southsun. Maybe the new map too as it's not too difficult to complete).
So I have twelve world completions so far.

Yes, I use GS/LB on my dragonslayer as well. My ele uses speed runes (maybe another char too, I need to look). I should put my characters on one of those sites that shows your build. is nice, although you can't quite rely on the results you get because it's not fully updated.
I don't know of any that are (I'd love to find one, though).

I died once in the simulator too. That was on my condi ranger, which is one of my least fragile characters, so I'm not sure whether to give it another try for the achievement or maybe take my necro and go minionmancer or something. Those burning areas hurt rather a bit...
(Also, nice that you can do the achievements right away now. You don't have to first unlock them and then replay).

The new map is kind of nice, although, confusingly considering my 'too much meta' opinion of the HoT maps, I kind of do miss some sort of minor meta in it (maybe something like in Dredgehaunt; just something that involves a good part of the map, but isn't by far connected to everything that goes on).
Like Bloodstone Fen, it feels a bit much like a farm map.

The new weapon collection is just ridiculous. 50-150g per weapon.
I thought the cultural and the Order collections were bad...

The guy from my guild who has some obsessive love affair with pretty much every single JP in the game utterly hates the new one, so I just stopped even considering giving it a try.
The new JP in the fractal hub is nice, though.
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