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Ley Line flying is useful in certain areas, and 100% map completion in HOT requires it. Apparently the new map will use it extensively.

I have decided that my 4 year old characters need to get 100% completion ASAP, especially since some other characters are approaching that age. My Ranger had it a long time ago, which means I need to focus on my Asuran Guardian and Sylvari Mesmer, both who I originally created in the second beta.

I evaluated my characters and they both had problems. I've been equipping them with the cheapest exotic gear I could find and its crap. Both were overstacked with condition damage they couldn't use.

My Guardian Dragonslayer runs Greatsword/Longbow. Neither of which do condition damage. My Mesmer runs Greatsword/Sword - Pistol. Ditto no condition damage.

They are both equipped with Speed Runes as well, but the Mesmer now has Time Marches On trait which no longer needs them (Guardians and Revanants still do as they lack any trait or skill to get the +25% movement speed)
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