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I'm assuming that just like Bloodstone Fen, there will be MPs available in the new map to give enough to earn whatever we need.

It sounds like the MPs you are missing are the ones involving the HoT personal story. I assume you got all the map ones and the "black box" ones available on all 4 maps. Going down all 3 paths on Dragons Stand scores a pile of MP as well.

My current HoT masteries:
Gliding: all 6
Itzel: 5 of 6
Exalted: all 5
Nuhoc: 5 of 6

I have 11 left, one short of either Itzel (adrenal mushrooms to instantly refresh your skills, as these are rarely located where mobs are, I'm not sure how useful this is) or Nuhoc (stops Chak goop from slowing down movement speed, completely useless outside Tangled Depths).

Even if I get the point to get one of these, the 12 needed for the other are really hard and mostly involve getting gold in every activity that I can barely manage to get bronze in.
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