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My current HOT masteries:

Gliding-5 (advanced gliding)
Itzel-2 (Itzel language)
Exhalted-2 (Exhalted acceptance)
Nuhoch-2 (Nuhoch wallows)
Ancient-1 (the only one in the line so far)

I have 6 points at the moment but since I will need several for the new zone I am waiting until tomorrow to see what it is (they said 3 points but also said tier 2, so maybe it will be 5 points needed). Since I am not interested in crafting the new items the only things I can think of are one more level of Itzel to get the mushroom and/or one more of nuhoch to get the vendor. However they have said to train up gliding-6 (trained, but I do not have the MPs for it). Thoughts?
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