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To me, "Not backwards compatable with existing SL content" means "We won't have the same parametric prims or sculpts as SL uses them."

Which, yeah, combined with being closed source, means that content import won't happen unless
a.) The new world has it's own in-world modeling system.
b.) A packet injecter proxy for the new VW is created to read downloaded SL linkset files and recreate them using the new system. Similar to copybot.

And sculpts... well I wouldn't expect sculpts to be supported at all. That's sort of SL's own special thing. Best you could do is convert them to mesh. And decrease the vert count while you're there because those things are nasty anyway.

But mesh... I'd assume model import will still be a thing in a new virtual world - how could it not? Unless it's a more locked-down videogame console Virtual World kind of thing like Playstation Home. But I couldn't take something that seriously.'

It just depends on how locked-down they plan on making the new virtual world.

My guess?

They're redoing a VR world for the Rift.

And that's smart.

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