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Originally Posted by Ilan Tochner View Post
Hi Vivienne,

I'm sorry but the desire is legitimate and when people want to have a lot of land in RL and be able to afford it from the money they make in their job they usually relocate to less expensive parts of the country where they can get more land for less money.

This is exactly what Amiryu did, she moved from SL to Kitely where land costs less.

As for the price of her items, that's up to the market to decide. An item is worth as much as people are willing to pay for it. If she previously had the amount of business she said she did then there were obviously quite a lot of people who were willing to pay her prices.

A lot of merchants are hurting in SL now even those that sell items for a lot less money. So the fact that Amiryu was hurting as well wasn't necessarily due to the amount of money she charges for what she sells. In any case there are still people willing to pay her those prices, there are just less of them than there used to be.
Actually, they usually don't; most people aren't going to relocate themselves to somewhere far away from everyone they know, their friends and family, to indulge some desire to own more land (and this isn't a common desire among most people, anyway). And wanting more than you can afford and acting as though being unable to afford it is anyone's fault but your own is not only not legitimate, it's rather ridiculous.

And the problem of the SL economy in a nutshell: too many merchants chasing after the same limited pool of customers; if there are fewer people willing to pay for what she's selling it probably has more to do with the fact that she's not, as far as I can tell, released anything in mesh (which is more efficient, lower land impact, and increasingly a standard for SL content; more and more people are just not even bothering to look at non-mesh content anymore). Unrealistic expectations combined with a failure to adapt to changing market conditions don't add up to anything I can feel much sympathy for, really.
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