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Originally Posted by Ilan Tochner View Post
Hi Soen,

I haven't read everything but from what I have it seems that people are mad at her because she wanted to have a lot of regions and repeatedly stated she was going to remove her build from SL because she could no longer cover the land maintenance costs from her SLM store sales. That's a legitimate desire and a legitimate reason to stop paying LL their ridiculously high rates for land ownership.
No, it really isn't a legitimate desire. "Wanted to have a lot of regions"? Pfft. Why? If you can't support it from income, then it's clearly an unrealistic desire, and certainly not "legitimate". That's like saying "well I'd like a large house and a new BMW but my job only pays minimum wage; I'll go and get them anyway and cry about how unfair it is when the bank repossesses them both!"

And her stuff on the SL marketplace? Not that good, and certainly not good enough to justify the grotesquely overinflated prices she was charging (which were something like 500-1000% above market price for similar items from other merchants, IIRC).
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