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I need to reply here because I feel some people in this forum are behaving very unsportive and unfair. Especially because some of the people here are just parroting what other people want you to believe without even knowing what this is all about.

Let me try to explain in a few short sentences. I am the owner of Hosoi Ichiba. I build Japanese themed buildings, decoration and scenery. To be able to offer high quality, detailed products I am doing a lot of research before I start building and make my textures by hand. Building this way is going to cost you a lot of time and effort. This time and effort translates ino the, for some people, high price tag I need to put on my products. Besides that, I want my products to be exclusive. My marketing strategy is to create an exclusive niche market. Thus, my products are not available for everyone. Further, Hosoi Ichiba for me is a company and not a hobby project.

In the past Hosoi Ichiba earned a lot of money that flowed directly back in SL to keep my sims open and FREE for all people that were interested in Edo Japanese scenery and role play. Needless to tell you that a sim in SL is going to cost you 1000,- for setting up the sim and roughly 300,- per month per sim. Please do the math yourself. In Kitely I get 16 regions for under $100,- and 100.000 prims!

Beside the costs above running Hosoi Ichiba means a lot of other expenses. For instance, at some time I had 4 girls working for me and they all earned 10% of gross turnover. Meaning, when Hosoi Ichiba made a turnover of 250 K a week, Hosoi Ichiba payed 100K to personell that week. Now, please compare this to what other businesses in SL pay their workers. Again, I like to look at Hosoi Ichiba as a serious business and not a hobby.

Next point of discussion. At one time I joined some discusions about the SL market place and ways to improve it. In this discussions I stated that it would be a possible good idea to only make the marketplace exclusively for people that also were running an inworld store. My idea was to keep the marketplace free of clutter and low quality items and make sure to keep inworld traffic. People would visit the stores, generate traffic and communicate. Also, I tried to explain why marketplace accounts that are no longer active should be discontinued. I think people should be active community members to be able to sell on the marketplace. Now, this is where the hobbyists come into discussion. The hobbyists are trying to compare their SL activities, life and philosophy with a buisiness like Hosoi Ichiba. Needless to tell you such a comparisson does not hold.

Last point; I am living in the Netherlands and I can speak and write English but I am far from a native speaker. Thus, It can happen I transfer what I try to say into words the wrong way and maybe some people donít really Ďgetí what I try to tell. This is not an excuse but, we all know how forums work and a Ďsharpí reply is sometimes posted way to easy. I have also sometimes been guilty of that practice. Especially when some people in SLU were bashing me around for no reason again I occasionally lost my temper a bit. Does this provide a reason to start using bad language and call people names? I dontít think so!

Okay, resume;
I build, what I would call high quality products and scenery. I love to make money and most of it will be put right back into the community. I would love to keep market places clean from low quality products and inactive merchants. I think it is very important to keep inworld stores and give people a chance meet new people and communities and travel unknown places. Does that make me a bad person?

SL canít provide me the quality and space it once did so I took the decision to move to Kitely. I just started building on a 16 region scenery project that will be even better then the Ďoldí environment I had in SL. This scenery will again act as my demo location and be free for anyone to enjoy or live in! 300 of my 1200 products are now for sale on Kitely with full export permissions. All pricing on items on SL and Kitely market have been cut in half. Once my complete collection is moved to Kitely I will close all SL accounts and delete all my products.

Last; there is a very small group of people on SLU that have a very hostile attitude agains people they are not agreeing with. I often think this is the only reason why those people hang around in forums like SLU. I have been away for some time from SLU and it makes me very sad to see nothing has changed. The same small group of people are still bashing around other people. Why? I canít tell and frankly I donít care anymore and wish you al the best.

This post is for friendly people like Ilan.

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