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Originally Posted by Ilan Tochner View Post
Hi Soen,

I haven't read everything but from what I have it seems that people are mad at her because she wanted to have a lot of regions and repeatedly stated she was going to remove her build from SL because she could no longer cover the land maintenance costs from her SLM store sales. That's a legitimate desire and a legitimate reason to stop paying LL their ridiculously high rates for land ownership.

I can't comment on her past statements but she has definitely been spending a lot of time in Kitely. Originally getting a 1-region world and recently another 16-region one. See her worlds here

Amiryu has also started listing her items in Kitely Market and has already sold hundreds of dollars worth of Japanese themed items. See her store here

Having chatted with her inworld multiple times I'm not sure I understand why there is so much hostility in SLU towards her. She repeatedly said she was moving shop and now she has. New World Notes wrote about it and I mentioned it in the Kitely forum in SLU. Not exactly a reason for scorn IMO.
Apparently you don't read the threads that you and her have posted in here at SLU. Pity you seem to have blinders on and Mr Magooitis

With all the direct links to kitely pages in your posts, this has become an advertising forum and not a discussion forum.

Of course she's going to be nice as all y'all aren't aware of her history and are new wallets to plunder with 2008 goodies.
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