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Originally Posted by Ilan Tochner View Post
Then why Darnk?
Self pity, woe is me, products at ridiculous price for what they are, the fact that she's a walking advertisement,advertising in the wrong forums, holier than tho attitude, flat cows, crying that her sky is falling over and over, flouncing and not sticking to it.

yadda yadda yadda.

Ahaha, such a simpleton. It'z so much fun playing jokez on you. I waz only here to see how she waz doing, but I had fun while I waz at it. So long, Sere, au revoir, mon ami! Pleaze dream of moi every night! Oui! ~ Harle

Originally Posted by SalStrange View Post
That's your own fault. I took your panties out of your mouth pages ago. Now you just like them there.
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