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Originally Posted by Ilan Tochner View Post
Hi Soen,

I haven't read everything but from what I have it seems that people are mad at her because she wanted to have a lot of regions and repeatedly stated she was going to remove her build from SL because she could no longer cover the land maintenance costs from her SLM store sales. That's a legitimate desire and a legitimate reason to stop paying LL their ridiculously high rates for land ownership. I'm not sure I understand why there is so much hostility in SLU towards her. She repeatedly said she was moving shop and now she has. New World Notes wrote about it and I mentioned it in the Kitely forum in SLU. Not exactly a reason for scorn IMO.
Nah, that's not why.

Ahaha, such a simpleton. It'z so much fun playing jokez on you. I waz only here to see how she waz doing, but I had fun while I waz at it. So long, Sere, au revoir, mon ami! Pleaze dream of moi every night! Oui! ~ Harle

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That's your own fault. I took your panties out of your mouth pages ago. Now you just like them there.
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