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Originally Posted by Tyche Shepherd View Post
I'm suprised about the DesperationNefertiti length issue
Desperation Snakebite is 21 chars and seems ok. There are plenty of sims with names over 20 characters
Holy crap, you're right! I wasn't watching name length when I submitted, and I only knew there was a problem with Nefertiti when they wrote me back and said I had to pick a new name (thus delaying my order by a day). The 5 sim orders were handled by 3 different Lindens. I guess one of them was following the books more closely than the others.

I hope there are no technical problems with Snakebite, considering it does appear to have an illegal name.

EDIT: Yep, even many of the new islands in your list have names over 20 chars- a lot of the CSI sims are 24 letters.

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