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Originally Posted by Wildefire Walcott View Post
Wow, very cool, Tyche!!!

"Club Jenna" to "Ecstacy Islands". Is the former Jenna Fairplay and the latter Steve Mahfouz? EDIT: Answered my own question: No and no. (And !!!)

Oh, I noticed all my new Openspaces were picked up in that list. =) I had to take the space out of DesperationNefertiti because the name was too long with it.

Hey Tyche... a rental business called Fantasyland recently acquired 103 used sims, and I'm trying to figure out who the old owner was. A friend has suggested it was perhaps Paris Druart? Any ideas?

I'm also wondering what those Poppy sims were...
I'm currently not tracking ownership so I can't help you with those previous owners - Though that's one thing I've been thinking about adding to the database - it's a much more intensive surveying to collect this so it may be less frequently updated - It also requires physical
avatar access to the region (at least for Island estates) so a full cnsus probably won't be possible.

I'm suprised about the DesperationNefertiti length issue
Desperation Snakebite is 21 chars and seems ok. There are plenty of sims with names over 20 characters

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