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Originally Posted by Kadah Coba View Post
Updated Second Life Terms of Service - Second Life

Pretty sure nothing of value will be lost here. I only used one of them once a long time ago and it was a pretty good rip off.
If this sees the end of VirWox then something of value is lost, I can get my money from Second Life to Virwox, to Paypal, to my bank account right now, then drive over to the bank and make a withdrawal all in the space of a few minutes.

The rate isn't as good, but the speed of service is excellent.

Then there's this part of the TOS:

"Buying or Selling Linden dollars anywhere other than the LindeX is done so solely at your own risk. If you Buy Linden dollars that are traced to unauthorized credit card activity or other fraudulent activity, we will recoup these Linden dollars from your Account. The only authorized exchange is the LindeX."

If someone buys something from me and it later turns out those Linden Dollars were fraudulently purchased, they will be taken off me anyway, whether they were bought on the Lindex or elsewhere.
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