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Originally Posted by Shiloh Lyric View Post
The point is that you saying men are looked at in society as "disposable" is a bunch of bullshit. If you read the articles I cited, which you didn't unless you're the speed reader you accused Ely of being, than you will see that in the eyes of most of society, WOMEN are the disposable ones.

I don't care about what your personal feelings are toward what Aimee said. You made generalised statements that are WRONG.

And another you know WHY it is easier for a woman to decide to be a stay-at-home mom than it is for a man to be a stay-at-home dad? Because back in the day, it's all women were considered good for...taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning and upkeep of the house. They were not viewed as intelligent enough to go out and make a living. Unfortunately, it's STILL viewed that way in many circles.

I'm not going to say a lot of what I want to say to you right now, because it would be out of anger. But from where you sit, and I know exactly where you sit, you might just want to climb down off the high horse you've put yourself on, because you truly have no right to be there.

ETA: I didn't pick and choose the articles I cited. They were the FIRST results thrown back from a google search for each and every search. "wages for women vs. men", "rape statistics for men and women victims" and "statistics regarding domestic violence on both men and women".
Interesting... so you think that men are not disposable? OK, I can back that up.

Lets start with your reasoning. You said that women's only available role as housewife was their only option and that was changed, so things are better for women now, because they have the liberty to pick between being a house wife and having a career, right? Don't you think that it would be better if men had that same liberty, rather than having an obligation to be the breadwinner? I mean, if you want equality then you have to support men who take a domestic role rather than a career.

On to the data:

In North Carolina, assaulting a female rather than a male bumps the charge up from misdemeanor 2 to misdemeanor A1.

Women receive lighter sentences and have a higher acquittal rate than men.

Women comprise less than 1% of the convicts actually executed on death row, even though they comprise 10% of murder arrests and 2.1% of people sentenced to death.

Men are at a much greater risk of being a victim of violent crime than women. Rape is included in this statistic.

Men and women have equal risk of domestic violence.

Women outperform men at every level of the education system.

Women get government money to start businesses simply for having two X chromosomes.

70-80% of the homeless are male, but 66% of the homeless in shelters are female.

It is socially acceptable to air a TV show where a group of women sit around and laugh at and celebrate male genital mutilation, because mutilating men is funny.

Men suffer from 93% of all work place deaths.

Men are not protected from slavery in the military or in prison and are 'overlooked' in human rights campaigns against slavery.

Men are starting to gain access to domestic abuse shelters and rape crisis services in the UK, but some 'feminists' (and I use that term loosely) are fighting to deny men access to these vital services, based on our gender.

That's not even getting into the mine field that is family law, where men have virtually no rights at all, but a list of links describing that could fill a post of it's own and I'm probably running low on space.

The reason things are like this is because in Western society's gender binary system, men protect women and provide for women. That is our obligation. It does not matter how we feel or what we think or if we have to do dangerous and sometimes lethal work, we are just here to keep our objectified womenfolk happy. That is the gender role you are reinforcing when you insist on treating men as disposable. If you want equality you have to change both sides of the equation and give men the same liberties and obligations as women.

Telling men that we are not allowed to participate in certain discussions is reinforcing this gender role, because you are reinforcing the idea that male ideas simply do not matter. Our feelings can be disregarded simply because we are men. As long as people keep reinforcing that gender role men are going to continue to objectify women, because objectifying women is a major part of that gender role. We exist as appliances to provide for our objects.

So when Aimee is saying that men can not speak she is not being sexist specifically against men, she is also being sexist against women. She is pushing the agenda of the patriarchy to oppress all of us.

You can get as personal as you want. I don't particularly care what you think of me. Why should I?

To be honest, I'm especially surprised that you don't take rape allegations seriously, Shiloh. You really don't have a problem with Eku accusing me of rape, do you? I'm disappointed. I thought you cared more about rape victims than that.

Anyway, I'm off to celebrate the end of the world. See you guys tomorrow.
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