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Sea completely wins this thread, we can all go home now.

...oops, can't, have to post more Unhinged!

Easel: Shabby Tabby SweetSkulls Easel Candy (Unhinged)
Pants with Plants: Hanaya Stuff in the Pants Jungle Book (Unhinged)
Teddy: PRIME Eku Prime Teddy w/Champagne (Unhinged)
Vehicles: Skulprit HotBalloon Totoro, BiPlane Red Barony, Hovercar PoPo (Unhinged)

Skin: Skin Monster Silver 3 (Unhinged)
Eyes: Repulse Cyborg v3 Violet
Lashes & Makeup: Pin Me Down The Skully Lashes 3 & 7 (Unhinged)
Eyebrows: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics Eyebrows s-30s
Hair: Alice Project Tiffani (Around the World)

Dress, stockings, armwarmers, boots: {MV} Jolly Rock Violet (Unhinged)
Necklace: HANDverk Palette Bolo royal purple & silver (L'Accessoires)
Hat: Faerycat Designs Top Hat w Fiberoptic Plume Purple Stripe (Unhinged)
Palette & Brush: HANDverk Paint Palette & Paintbrush (FaMESHed)

Astalianda Freedom Cut
Pose Plastique Harvester of Hearts Five (Unhinged)
Pose Plastique Ode to Antidote Three (Unhinged)
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