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haven't posted in ages and partly because I've been toying with Exodus and although a lovely viewer, I have much better luck for pictures with Nirans.

Also YAY first page...

Been getting my Unhinged on:

skin: Your Style / Your Shape Unhinged Jane Smokey
make up: Pin Me Down Unhinged Skully Lashes 1 make up and lashes Outfit: PixelDolls Unhinged Vigne Mesh Dress
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Unhinged Sugarskull boots black
Pose Monster Unhinged Skull 8 Pose and skull on hand
Ground Skulls Perception Unhinged Skulls with Gem eyes
Necklace: Perception Unhinged Skull Necklace
Hair: elikatira Caramel Red8
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