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Originally Posted by Elysium Hynes View Post
And the Alphaville after ages of no news wrote about it Linden Lab Nukes Sandvich Sim | The Alphaville Herald a very colourful article about a popular sim being shut down by the JLU, honestly iīm laughing cause they donīt even pretend to report news at this point.

Iīm no JLU fan but itīs certainly not Vekmanīs fault there is a thread on Reddit about this, and as for the percieved popularity of the sim, thatīs questionable at best.

ETA: I canīt believe i agreed with GLEīs comment, is like hell is freezing over.
We actually had some pretty high traffic with it being on reddit previously and because of prok's blog posts. The ironic thing is the traffic was actually starting to drop dramatically and the sim was dead a day before it vanished. I do think Kalel helped get the place banned, but at the same time tizz was trying to get it banned so he really just 'fell for the trap' I guess you could say.

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