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Originally Posted by Adeon Writer View Post
And Hissy's friends should really not gone around telling people that they were Tiz. People might get the wrong idea!
[2012/06/12 12:11] Second Life: You have offered friendship to Disembodied Hand
[2012/06/12 13:34] Disembodied Hand: yoooo
[2012/06/12 13:35] Disembodied Hand: this is uhm
[2012/06/12 13:35] Disembodied Hand: tizzy right?
[2012/06/12 13:35] Sassypants (hissyfits): Hey!
[2012/06/12 13:35] Sassypants (hissyfits):
[2012/06/12 13:35] Disembodied Hand: Yeah?
[2012/06/12 13:35] Sassypants (hissyfits): Possibly. (shh)
[2012/06/12 13:35] Disembodied Hand: Lol

Originally Posted by Adeon Writer View Post
It's almost like they WANTED the sim to get banned for some reason or another...
This was Tizz's "masterplan" for the sim, it started out as a reddit themed sim named Reddit. He later switched to a steam theme when his admin staff ran off all the redditors and the place became infested with welcome area people.

[6/26/2012 2:59:58 AM] Tizzers Foxchase: Well at least we're seeing the general sentiment about Second Life on r/gaming. Good to know they hate Second Life.
[6/26/2012 3:00:53 AM] Tizzers Foxchase: We could almost just pull the sim and be like LINDEN LAB BANNED REDDIT and create this hyped angry bandwagon that Linden Lab would be really confused about.
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