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Originally Posted by ShrugDangle View Post
I agree with you completely on principle.

It's extremely hard for me to veil my contempt for this viewer and it's developer however after considering how they've behaved and effectively stolen code from some of the hardest working people in the TPV community. That offends my ethical sensibilities deeply, and I'm sure it does quite a few others on here as well.

So if I can dissuade someone from using this viewer in any way I'm going to. Perhaps my wise crack wasn't understood completely because you hadn't read the entire thread. I apologize if that was the case.
By all means express your opinion and share your knowledge, but please do so in a constructive manner. Constructive to the person you're addressing that is. Nobody is asking you to veil your contempt - that would be rather hypocritical on SLU What I'm asking is that you express it with context and information rather than bald statements that really have no meaning.

I don't think I'm the only person who ignores unsupported assertions and as such, it didn't alarm me at all. I *was* curious to know on what basis you made that suggestion to someone who was obviously not an SLU regular.

If your goal was to express your opinion/knowledge about a subject you're passionate about then it failed. If your goal was to dissuade someone from using this particular viewer then it failed. It's also pretty naive to assume that someone has read everything that's been posted here on SLU, or even that they've read all of the current thread.

The onus is on the writer to ensure clarity, not the reader.
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