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I've read as much as the not giving credit issues, yes.

However, if that behaviour was the reason to come to the "better change your password" conclusion, it wouldn't have been too hard to write "better change your password because of the not trustworthy behaviour of the coder in other regards".

A blunt general statement as it was made can mean anything and the world and instead of explaining that general statement, it was only underlined by a bunch of attitude.

It is quite a different pair of shoes if someone isn't willing or isn't capable to get their credits and documentation properly done or if someone is deliberatly out to abuse user data. If there is reason to fear the latter, why not explain yourself and point out any facts that you know? Anything else just comes across as attention-whoring and doesn't contribute to give others a basis to form their opinion.

But based on the previous reaction, I don't even expect that there'll be some kind of insightful answer.
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