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Originally Posted by Cindy Claveau View Post
If she counts random anonymous internet chatter as "leftist radicals" she's just looking for a reason to bitch.
Quoted for truth. Not that it is any sort of stat, but I have seen just as much (or more) venomous stuff on the net where someone says they are part of a right wing group. All it proves is people on the net love to argue anonymously. Who is louder does not even tell you who does it more.
Originally Posted by Imnotgoing Sideways View Post
The debug setting for Gender in SL (AvatarSex) is an unsigned 32bit integer value. Not a boolean. I'm still waiting to see what our other options will be. =^-^=
Originally Posted by Cristiano View Post
Ok, I have to ask, WTF is this thread even about and why is it hundreds of posts? I am out of vodka so I don't feel like reading it to find out.
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Why? Don't like me ban me
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