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Originally Posted by Argent Stonecutter View Post
You ever read any science fiction?

There's all kinds of nifty new innovative products that people credit for amazing innovation because they're really innovative... hardly anybody goes back and says "that wasn't an innovation, Fred Romancer wrote about it in his groundbreaking novel in 1968". Well not until some bugger tries to patent it.

Imagination is a wonderful thing, it produces endless wishlists and dreams, but until someone actually goes and does the hard work of turning it into a practical solution it's not an "innovation". That's the difference between an inspiration and a product.
I think there's a difference between creating a tablet computer similar to something that showed up in an episode of Star Trek thirty years ago and looking at a popular JIRA request from last year and saying "I've got some free time, I can do this."
Originally Posted by Teeny Leviathan View Post
Those Super Gays are as tough as a T-800 terminator and they are gay.
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