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Originally Posted by Latif Khalifa View Post
The top 5 most popular viewers on the gird now support mesh. That will not solve problem with mesh adoption for two reasons: for rigged attachments, the lack of mesh deformer which allows clothes to fit to your avatar shape has led to content creators having to shop all sorts of hack and workarounds, like include 4-5 different sizes, having to use alpha wearables, etc. to make clothes appear to fit. Linden Lab refused to implement this feature. It was only when we, the users of Second Life, have crowd funded Qarl to implement the much wanted feature, did LL consider including it in their own viewer. And now that LL is involved it means it will take much longer to get there.
This isn't true, DanielRavenNest has had a longstanding JIRA from the mesh beta asking for a parametric deformer a la what was added to Blue Mars eventually and LL's reply was that they did not have the resources to develop one themselves but if someone else did they would look the code and consider it. So people donated to Qarl's effort and now we have alpha code that LL apparently will be implementing.

It's not like LL had never heard of the concept before Qarl handed them the code. It was LL saying "if someone else does the grunt work we'll consider it" that pushed Maxwell to the crowdsourcing effort.
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