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Originally Posted by Sione View Post
I think the cat is out of the bag already on this thanks to Emerald and Phoenix. Even if the viewers didn't do it anymore people have had a taste of it and stalker HUD sales would boom.

Unfortunately something has got to give here because you can't fix the problem without affecting something else. To be honest I think rethinking scripted items that rely on the function is inevitable. It's the lesser of two evils. Sure it will upset a few people who have to change their approach to doing things but they will get over it.
I see it a bit differently. To my mind, there's a big difference between someone saying, "I wonder if Innula is really online or not..her profile says she's not, but I'm sufficiently interested to know for sure that I'll check with my hud or write a short script" and all users of a particular viewer knowing if anyone whose profile they open is online or not, simply because they've set their viewer to show them.

The former is considerably less of nuisance than the latter, to my mind, simply because of the scale of the problem.
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