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Originally Posted by Cindy Claveau View Post
There's a whole spectrum full of minute gradations between "believer" and "hard atheist".

Personally I don't understand how anyone can insist beyond a reasonable doubt that there cannot be any powerful unknown force behind the universe. To me, that's as counter-intuitive as saying that there definitively is a Judaic God who handed down the Ten Commandments written on stone tablets.

My own position leans heavily toward atheism in that I see no convincing reason to invest belief in gods. The universe (as we know it) works fine without supernatural agents. To me it's an unnecessary layer in our definition of the universe. But that doesn't mean that I'm closed to such belief if someone offers incontrovertible scientific proof.

Like ... if beautiful beings with golden wings floated down out of a sunbeam and gave me the secrets of life...

Or they could be porpoises...
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