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<failed attempt at humor> I was driving through Lancaster County, PA this weekend and I saw a church sign that said, "Evangelical Free Church." I said to my SO, "Hey look! They're so proud of not having evangelicals in their church they decided to advertise it!" </failed attempt at humor>

Some of the most dishonest morally bankrupt people I have known have been supposed people of faith.

I don't care about the religion or lack of religion of my banker. I care about if he's competent to do the job.

I would like to say I don't care about the religion of the president, but I really don't want a Mormon president. I'd much rather have an atheist president.

I might care slightly about the religion of my therapist just because it is nice to know that my therapist understands my perspective, and the various factors that are at play because of my religious beliefs. Even if the therapist is an ex-member of my religious group, and currently a practicing atheist, it would be nice to know that he or she gets it.
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