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Being on a sex offender registry generally tells you nothing, the person could be on it because they're a paedophile, then again they could be on it because at 17 they consensually had sex with a 15 yr old, talk about a fucking huge difference. So people end up guessing what said person has done and usually guess they are closer to the former rather than the latter, don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for it to be done away with all together but if they insist on putting the latter type of person on one perhaps they should have 2 different types, then again they'd be people saying that would give too much info about what the person on the list did even though it wont specially say what they did.

I'm also not advocating that a 17 year old having sex consensually with a 15 year old should be enough to get anybody on a sex offenders list but I was suggesting a compromise if they insist on putting them on it anway. I'm not talking about changing the law or age of consent but for me it doesn't seem enough to justify people being put on such a list.

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