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"Phantom of the Opera" Production in SL

I attended a pre-opening night production of "Phantom of the Opera" last night and it was beyond anything I had expected. I mentioned it buried in another thread but wanted to give note in its own thread, because it was truly astounding. Right now, there's no set date for opening night, so I couldn't post it in Events yet, but will keep my ears open.

The event is being held at Jaguar Valley and it is entirely produced and acted by furries. It's about 3 hours long, and uses a Shoutcast stream to produce a 2007 soundtrack from the Broadway show. The actors on stage are meticulously choreographed and costumed, and the sets were very professional and stunning.

The choreography was just amazing, I can't imagine how long and how much practice this all took.

The fireworks were created by my friend Marjan Tomba, who also is the stage manager, "orchestra conducter" and provided most of the scripted content including the falling chandelier.

The audience is going to be a bit limited as it's being held on a homestead sim, though I was so impressed I did offer to host a secondary area perhaps between two full sims so more people can attend if needed.

Contact Alexiel Czaczkes inworld for information if you're interested in joining the group for announcements. Alexiel is the manager and also plays the role of the Phantom.

I took about 70 shots of the action and if you want to see all of them, you can check out my Flickr at:

Furry phantom of the opera - a set on Flickr

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