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Japanese and US culture have long held a fascination with each other. I'd say it's about equal.

Back in the 1980's I met a gal who was in a foreign exchange language program with about 2 dozen other girls (we were all college age then). They simply could not get enough of US culture; well, except for the food. They weren't much for hamburgers and soda, and preferred Japanese food for daily consumption, which was slightly expensive but attainable here. As for the rest, if it was even slightly stereotypically "USA" they would buy it or want to experience it ~ Levi's or pop music or whatever else they could find. Even the desert fascinated them; then they discovered Las Vegas and simply had to go. Without this thread taking a scary turn, I'll say that a lot of my male college friends REALLY appreciated coming across this group... few things were as US authentic as a boyfriend.

Ultimately, the one I knew best went back to Japan... only to return, to go to... drumroll please... MICHIGAN. I'm not exactly sure where, but apparently in her mind this was the epicenter of cool. I lost track of her about then, but I could just imagine what people there would make of a tiny, extremely family~wealthy 20 year old with a thick Japanese accent. Here in So Cal there are tons and tons of Japanese; I have *no* idea what Michigan is like. But I'm guessing she would have had to break down and start eating the local Michigan food, whatever that is, in 1987...
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