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Originally Posted by Eboni Khan View Post
If you aren't getting support wouldn't you get rid of all your sims, not just a couple?

I really hate these stories because it is always an easy way to make LL look bad since people can say whatever they want about the lab, and the lab won't respond for privacy and everyone knows it. They could just be behind on tier, and we will never know.
I'm inclined to agree with this.

I love Grendel's as much as everyone else, but something about the way this story is being spun makes it feel to me like little more than routine LL-bashing. Which is not to say there aren't plenty of good reasons to criticize LL, but turning this story into "Those bastards killed Grendel's!" seems imprecise and perhaps premature.

I can't understand why Grendel's would downsize their property in response to bad service. It certainly won't improve their service. Perhaps they are getting rid of whatever sim has been causing them the problems, but they'll be in the same boat the next time they have technical trouble. I don't see how reducing from 4 to 2 addresses the service problems. I suppose it could be a form of protest, but I don't know ... if you're really that mad about service, I would think you'd want to give LL no money at all, not just half the amount you were giving before. It just doesn't feel like the whole story to me.

It seems just as likely to me that they've decided to downsize for other reasons, and have chosen to publicize it as though it were related to the service problems, as a way to draw the attention of LL (including Rodvik, despite protestations to the contrary) - and to lay the blame for the decision to downsize in a way that draws a lot of sympathy. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I don't doubt that their service experience has been frustrating. But there is something about the way this story is being presented that doesn't quite add up to me; I just have to give it a bit of a skeptical eye. I'm willing to be proven wrong with more information, but I neither expect more information nor feel particularly entitled to it.
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