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I'm sorry to see Grendel's downsize as well. I can see closing sims in light of Marketplace developments including direct delivery. I think the Lab are gonna have to up their tax percentage on the website when people realize they no longer need an inworld shop. They will still maybe need somewhere to rez samples, hm, business idea. But it'd be nice if Grendel's were closing these sims as a transition rather than because LL won't properly support users that are so ably promoting the platform.

“I can get spam from Cafe Press, but no answers from Linden Lab,” says Flea Bussy, the leader janitor of Grendel’s (and owner of the Avarian sims) wearily. There is no response to his tickets, and having been told “we’ll call you back” by concierge, there are no replies. “They don’t care.”
How dare he say they don't care, I mean really, how dare he. If I've learned anything posting at SLU it's that Linden Lab do care my god I've been told that over and over and over and over again. Why of course they care, it's their life, their income, their world and reputation and cash cow and baby and of course they care of course they do of course. How dare he.
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