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I love this. =^-^=

Google knowingly reinstated my fake name

I woke up to this email today
Besides the 7 form letters saying I was suspended
This is the only reply they have sent
It does not answer even one of my questions
And I made them aware that the name I was submitting was not my own
I told them that Rainy O’Leary is not a real person
That I made it up
That it is not the name I go by in my daily life
That using this name will make it nearly impossible for people who know me to find me online
That I do not have any links to any other profiles with this name
That I do not possess any sort of ID with this name
That this is a fake name which I have completely made up to see if I could get my data (photos, history, comments etc.) back and to see if I would be unblocked from other services
And they approved this name knowing full well that this is not my name
So the policy not only fails but it makes me even more suspicious since the reasons they give for it are obviously not true…..
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