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Originally Posted by Ezian Ecksol View Post
Happy to read this! Means you will continue to work on snoglobe 1.5 base and import v2 core tech?
To an extent yes - hard to tell where's core and where isn't since separation between UI and everything else isn't very good, but yeah, that's the long term goal to an extent.

And another question: like Phoenix you imported Inertia's Message log, what about its counterpart, the message builder? Surely not the gadget for the masses, but for interested people a nice plus.
No. I believe Phoenix and Ascent used to have it at some point - purged for Linden TOS compliance and general anti-abuse reasons. If i were to bring it back, i'd have to build in grid detection and enable it on Beta, non-public and localhost grids only. As you say, it's not a popular request - if you want this, offer me an incentive.

In other news, i got in touch with Henri and my accusation turned out to be hot air. I issued an apology on the web site.

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