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Originally Posted by Innocent View Post
Nalate's blog review for Singularity 1.5.3 links to a help page about the AO in Phoenix. Maybe the version she tested used the AO from Phoenix. The current current Singularity 1.5.4 uses a different builtin AO which doesn't work like the one described in that Phoenix help page.
No, she made a negligence there. Singularity has never had Emerald style AO and always had Ascent AO (a rewrite of Inertia AO) - not good one for consumer, as it can't read ZHAO notecards, but very good for testing animations as it is a full fledged editor and you can simply drag and drop animations from your inventory onto the AO.

By popular consumer request, Ascent AO will be removed as of 1.5.5 and replaced with Emerald-Style AO ported from Imprudence, including quick remote control, and ability to work from any inventory folder, provided notecard and animation are in the same folder. If further requests come, the advanced pane of Emerald style AO can be reworked into a proper editor.

Oh and please don't write off Imprudence quite yet. There is certainly no motion to speak of in the main repository because the weeklys have ceased for now and main team is having a break, but contributors such as Thickbrick and Robin have been working in their private repos quite solidly, and they're quite great really. Of course in the long run, Imprudence is presumably to be replaced by Kokua, but that's still a while away.

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