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Josh, do i really have to have any kind of respect towards you. Like, OMG i don't have an accomplishment of 39609 public posts shitting on someone's head YET, i must be SOOOO inferior to you!

I'm not selling any product here, i'm offering the viewer in the hope it will be useful for someone. I do engage into friendly dialogue with users - actual users, not people saying they would use it if... something, whatever. Simple fact of life: i won't be able to please everyone whatever i do. That's what Open Source is for, that's why EVERYONE who has a sufficient level of skill can release their own viewer, and i challenge everyone who has any disagreement with me, be it of technical, emotional (distrust, dislike?), or any other kind, to fork my viewer, give it a new name, and provide customer support of your own.

Heck, i'll even help you set up, re-brand, and get the project going, i promise! Only requirements i place on this offer, the person must be able to read manuals and be generally literate, must know how to operate the compiler, must comply with Linden TOS and relevant license agreements, and must credit Singularity Viewer as a project his has been based upon and provide a truthful description of differences or added value compared to my project on his project webpage and/or project documentation, and must allow me to quote any public or private statements they have issued to me or about my viewer. Sounds reasonable?

In other news, according to Tankmaster's statement in #phoenixviewer-dev (public irc channel), referring to Oz Linden, Singularity Viewer has been approved for upcoming inclusion onto TPVD, and shall appear there simultaneously with Firestorm.

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