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Originally Posted by Joshua Nightshade View Post
Yeah, that wasn't what I was talking about. You throwing a tantrum because someone made a thread discussing your viewer was what I was talking about.
Then perhaps you picked the wrong quote? Well we have had a bit of an initial disagreement with a couple of participants which i think we got settled by now. Why you need to butt in is a bit beyond me, and i feel arguing with you is futile, so i won't, and will just leave it as a statement that i disagree with you.

It's not about starting a thread which is nice per se, it's about not inviting me in. Cause as you see, already at the 4th post the thread started emitting proper rumors coming about from someone misreading some statement of mine.

Opinions and feedback are fine, and i'd sure like to hear MORE of them, rumors are not, not at all.

No point concentrating on any of those circumstantial issues. Go on everyone, so far i only got one half the opinion from a person who (for valid reason) is too hesitant to get a more complete one. This can't be it, there have to be some... uhm 80ish people using Singularity actively and around 200 who tried it, according to stats from Linden Lab and from GitHub file host. Download statistics spiked after Miss Chalice first put the viewer on her list here, so there MUST be some people who tried it who got to know it from SLU. Those please step forward please if you like
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