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Inhandra, thanks, i agree with you, however i would go further and say that appearing on TPVD is not any kind of guarantee for being trustworthy - personal trust into the person producing the binaries is involved, though to be fair i don't see any reason to distrust my immediate rivals among Linden viewer based TPVD listed clients.

There is probably pretty much nothing i would be willing do to reinforce that trust - e.g. i am not a well known merchant whose business depends on good name, i'm not willing to disclose my real life credentials to Residents - though the Lab certainly has them. Perhaps i shouldn't be justifying myself too hard though, except the work i end up doing on the viewer - and it certainly is for most of you an unimaginable lot of work, on the order of magnitude of 15-20h/week, all the way since end of October - most of it isn't for my own sake, but user requests, with the bulk of users being my acquaintances and friends.

I still doubt, whether TPVD listing will be a good thing. Ok, we shall receive better usage and crash data. On the other hand, you will understand that some users are quite a bit more trouble than they are worth, would make unreasonable demands which they strongly feel should take priority over my own needs or those of others, and will not be willing at all to assist me in solving their problems. I'm really scared of the moment i'll start having to deal with those, and how much of my time and health they might yet consume.

P.S. I don't do forums. These Forum people are always so nasty, don't know why, what i did to them to make them so angry. See? They somehow assume the world revolves around their forum, and every person registered knows their way around them and reads them. And/or googles their own name and/or name of their project every day. Ungh. I don't even collect referrals from my page - i'm really not some kind of blogger attention whore or so, i'm just a kitty who programs -.-

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