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I'm the main developer of Singularity Viewer. We will be upgrading to V2 technology "under the hood", hoping to support more new features, in fact we're working on it now! However the UI will stay V1-style, for as long as we can keep it. Crucial V1 features and UI elements will only be abandoned if we are forced to do that by Lindens changing Second Life protocol. And worry less, enjoy more! Even when official 1.23 is dropped and barred from login, it doesn't mean this affects us, as long we stay compatible with the required feature set, which should very well be doable, if i have time enough to.

Oh and never mind my fork of Astra, forget it, it's for private OpenSim/AuroraSim installation only, It's a special purpose version of Imprudence. Singularity on the other hand is pretty unique and sufficiently different technically from any other viewer, though certainly sharing common heritage with many of them.

And thanks to Neurocam for pointing out this thread, wouldn't have known otherwise. Perhaps if someone decides to discuss Singularity Viewer, anywhere, not just here, they could... contact me and tell me about it instead of doing it behind my back? Not a requirement by any means but a hope for decency.

I'm totally curious myself how Singularity Viewer is perceived and how it works for everyone or anyone at all, cause i know SOME people use it (i don't collect usage data myself, but i do receive some from Lindens), but at most a tiny fraction of those ever said anything at all about their experience! I don't know whether it's good or bad - so good they don't have much to complain about, or so bad they're afraid to offend me, i don't know. While i certainly won't be able to make it perfect for everyone for the finiteness of my time, every opinion, every gripe, and every criticism counts, is taken into consideration, and is most welcome!
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