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hey! I was trying to help get this person get banned from his rZ...
Don't shoot the messenger...

When you use the hud... it gives this message: Do not use the zRZ HUD to pester people. Report zRZ Abuse at: iSell SL .com

Do with it what you want... I ment well...

And yes, I do not agree with most of you, but I CAN understand...
But I still think its not the fault of the creator of this tool (every scrip kiddy can create this privately without you knowing).

The problem is at first the way the internet in whole works, then the rules of LL and how they implement it and how their viewer works...

And yes, I KNOW you want to see it different because its more convenient for the most of the rZ-haters, but it is a security device first...

I just counted for that the last month KNOWN 26 copybot and/or griefers where trying to come on my sim. And got kicked out.

There are a few thing LL never should have done:

- Allow Free anonymous alt;
- Never should have give its viewer opensource.

Then we would never got copybotters and so much griefers..

Most say LL is in violation with his own TOS. Personally I don't agree, but again I DO understand why some disagree with me on this.

Understand that when I came to SL as designer LL promised me in the TOS copyright and protection of theft. But they just changed that when the made the viewer opensource. Because copybotter where very hard to catch due the FREE alt accounts...

You see, the whole problem leds waaaay back.. And since LL doesn't do much or cannot do much in a lot of cases to catch and ban the copybotter, we designers try to protect us the best we can.

And yes.. rZ is not holy, it's not perfect, but believe it or not.. It helps...
The rate of 0.025 % seems little, but that is only the percentage the system itself caught. But the truth is, copybotters are getting smarter, spoofing ip's, spoofing mac-adresses, cloning viewer info. So on that moment NONE system can detect it, accept the human eye. And that is what we also share in this system. User take pictures of copybotters, and report them in our neighboorwatch. And if anybody find a better system which would make everybody happy, I would gladly drop rZ.

And its VERY sad some users abuse it... I am NOT one of them. I just try to protect what is mine, and I don't give a rats ass about somebodies alt... I really don't.

In a perfect SL world without griefers and copybotters I would have never used it.

You can bash me all I want... Again, I just wanted to help with my first post. I am not here to say, you are wrong and I am right... I just see both sides and try to manage with the tools I can get to protect my hard work.
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