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Originally Posted by Jahar Aabye View Post
I also make weapons for roleplay use, but I think that they should generally be kept for roleplaying. I mean, I see nothing wrong with using something to sweep a bunch of physical junk off of a sim, but not much beyond that.
I'm confused. Who cares what the tools look like and what the avatars wielding them look like as long as they are used responsibly and are effective? I carry around a star sapphire ring myself that, yes, has a couple of my favorite cleanup tools in it, among other things. It's a nifty system and I like it - I'm certainly not a card-carrying member of the lantern corps though.

(If i'm misreading you, please disregard)

Yeah, this is the stuff where it goes too far. Investigation and alt-detection ought to be left to Linden Lab. They have the resources (in theory) to do it correctly. More importantly, it's honestly none of our business, as residents, whether people are using alts. It's not our job to "investigate" anything. If someone is misbehaving in your sim, ban them, return their objects, etc. If it's someone else's sim, contact them or see if they have sim administrators who can handle it.
I don't even see anything wrong with "detection" as long as that information is not shared. I mean, look at your average shoutcast stream. It's trivial to see that the same IP address is accessing your stream twice (literally one click on the admin interface of the stream), and the correlate that with when people are stepping on your parcel for the purposes of your own security. There's nothing nefarious about that.

But that's never how it is. You get easily abusable things like the now (thankfully) defunct BanLink that make lives easier for the estate owner at the expense of everyone else. Nobody ever wants to handle their own security.

Turning around and telling your best friends and the rest of the world that XXX is an alt of YYY on the other hand is not cool.. it's a privacy problem, it's a disclosure problem, and you should probably get smacked for it.

There's also the issue of the linden sandboxes which was discussed ad nauseum earlier. The "someone else" has the lights on but nobody's home rather often

Finally, the problem with leaving anything to linden lab is that it never gets done.

The root of the problem lies with accountability and authority. Linden Lab has authority as the providers of the service, we give them certain authority by agreeing to the ToS. There is, in theory, a certain amount of accountability as well. If a LL employee does something illegal or unethical, they could lose their job.

However, some in-world group of residents called *Police Department* has no authority outside any parcels or regions owned by the group or group owner. If you set foot on their land, then sure, they have the right to enforce certain rules and eject/ban/tphome as they see fit. Outside of their land, no. And where is the accountability? To whom are they accountable except themselves?
It's not about "authority" as far as the peacekeeper groups go. Authority denotes access, to a level of tools and abilities that most residents don't even know exist. It's about being a volunteer, for better or worse. Some of the groups do good, some of them do bad, but only the most idiotic of them all claim to have authority to do anything. Not even the JLU steps over that line. And they are only accountable to the ToS and Linden Lab, the same as any other resident.
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