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Originally Posted by Tsukasa Karuna View Post
Whence cometh all this stuff about ego? You sure seem to be an expert on the mental state of others.
Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself, while the JLU may be new to you, I've known about them for years, and had a few run ins with them. I've had a few debates about this stuff, and seen the kind of ego they toss out first hand.

When they showed up in my sim, I only knew them as some random peacekeeper group doing a job that I could do with admin tools, so after a debate with one of their people, I ended up kicking them out. Kalel IMed me later imploring me not to do so because my sim would be "unprotected" without their expertise. Their Wiki is full of little side anecdotes about how they met some person griefing a sandbox who was "really scared of them", or pretty much everytime someone goes "Hey, it's superman!".

Originally Posted by Tsukasa Karuna View Post
You're still wrong about the griefers. I'll say it again: I practically live in the sandboxes. I hang out there more than any other place in Second Life. 99.9% of griefer attacks are hit and run. That's not a number I just pulled out of my ass, that's an absolute fact. Just because a JLU or a GW or an ANN member is there doesn't make them stay around. The attacks are sophisticated enough (the last few going through various phases, so once you think you have it cleaned up and contained, they start doing other stuff) that hanging around is meaningless. It's much easier to trash a sim than to untrash it. Rez object, done, move on to the next target.
Well first off, just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they're not there or not getting that response. They could be on an alt (since the accounts used to do those griefing are often throwaway), or they could just be waiting for the IMs from people who look up the owner of the objects and complain, or the whole thing could have been a frame-up, give a grey-goo rezzer to some newb and say it's a sex bed, then laugh as he rezzes a sim crasher. There's just no point to trash sims for the sake of trashing them, if it's not funny to them then it's not worthwhile.

Let me also say I'm not really talking about all peacekeeper groups here. The JLU (as far as I know) is the only one that keeps a secret database, and the other groups don't dress up and have a whole "roleplay" about fighting griefers, this is important since for the most part if Gridwatch is doing something, you wouldn't even notice. If the JLU is doing something, then there's a guy wearing a superhero costume with his JLU tag active, and sometimes with a big superhero effect (like a giant green lantern bubble) floating in the sky, very noticeable.

I define "Griefer" as someone who dedicates all their time in SL to griefing, they join a specific group, they use almost nothing but throwaway alts, and they treat getting banned as a mark of distinction. I don't consider newbies who haven't understood that SL isn't a FPS game, or people who're simply pissed off at something and griefing a sim once in revenge, to be griefers. So when I use that term, I'm referring to a specific type, and that type is in it for the lulz, and nothing is more lulzy then make-belief superhero police.

I've seen a group of people in griefer groups follow around a JLU member in the sandbox, playing up to his ego, he was so enamored that he never realized they were trolling him hard and laughing their asses off. I was also an admin for one of the largest rental estates in SL, Azure Islands, we rarely if ever had to deal with griefers, except once, when the "Blue Lantern Corps", which is connected to the JLU, moved in to one of our sims. The PN attacked them in hopes of getting some amusing responses, which kept up for a few days, after they moved out we never had the same trouble again. The JLU and all the other super hero groups connected to them are definitely a target.

Originally Posted by Tsukasa Karuna View Post
For one, new resi's don't know how to file AR's. Why should you have to be affected by abuse directly in order to report it? Do you only report crime that you see when it affects you? On top of that, it greatly expedites the cleanup process. That's basically what ANN and GW do. Someone says "XXX is doing YYY at ZZZ", someone comes by to check it out, grab a screenshot, and then the rest of the group file reports as appropriate.
Well the issue is assuming that something they're mass-ARing actually is AR worthy. The JLU wiki keeps listings of what they AR, and some of them are ridiculous, like ARing a car in a sandbox with the license plate "JLUSUX" for defamation. The problem is, when you can get a bunch of people to AR one thing without making those people look to be connected, then the "minimum wage contractors" as GreenLantern put it, don't tend to look too closely. They just assume that it bothers a lot of unconnected people and get rid of it, regardless if the AR is valid or not. This is partly LL's problem for having terrible customer service, but it's also the JLU knowingly exploiting a loop hole.

Originally Posted by Tsukasa Karuna View Post
This is conjecture, but it seems there's a hard limit in LL's system that after so many abuse reports for the same thing, action of some kind is automatically taken. Whether that be the reported objects being returned to user gridwide or a temp ban issued, I am not sure. I do know that coordinated abuse reporting is about the only weapon that can be used against griefers.
I've specifically seen this happen, where over a period of a few hours, numerous fully costumed members of various superhero groups will pop up in the same exact spot, (suggesting a landmark), hover for a bit doing nothing (suggesting writing an AR), then poof. A bit later, another one will show up. Looking at their groups, they weren't even all in the JLU (unless it was hidden), some were in some of the various Lantern groups that the JLU is loosely affiliated with.
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